Bill Nuti, CEO, NCR
"Escape Velocity is a straightforward and courageous guide that illustrates how to tap into the vast power of innovation and navigate the new world with a powerful competitive edge."

George Conrades, Chairman, Akamai
“His Hierarchy of Powers also is an instructive template for boards … to test the effectiveness of the Company's organization, leadership, programs, goals and metrics to drive innovation, sustain profitable growth, and escape the dead weight of yesterday's success. At Akamai, we use these tools to help us do just that.”

Robert Beauchamp, Chairman and CEO, BMC
“In his latest work, Geoff delivers the practical playbook and tools to help your enterprise change trajectory, increase performance, break the ties with the status quo and achieve Escape Velocity.”

Tom Byers, Professor and Academic Director of Stanford Technology Ventures Program, Stanford University
“We have used Crossing the Chasm extensively in our entrepreneurship courses at Stanford University for years. Escape Velocity is now the perfect equivalent of dynamic thinking and compelling lessons for established corporations seeking next-generation innovations.”

Marc Benioff, CEO,
“Geoffrey Moore gets it. Competitors aren’t our biggest enemies, the past and the status quo are. Escape Velocity shows us how to reorient ourselves towards the future.”

John Chen, CEO, Sybase
“In his new book, Escape Velocity, Moore lays out the Hierarchy of Powers framework to help companies recognize where their strengths and weaknesses lie, and how to develop a plan based on that. It's both enlightening and common-sense. And, as we discovered at Sybase, it works.”

Rob Tarkoff, EVP, Adobe
“Geoffrey Moore’s latest book resets the bar for management strategy texts. His frameworks make the dialog around power as clear and accountable as the one around performance. Think Michael Porter meets Peter Drucker. This is a game changer.”

Guy Kawasaki, author and former chief evangelist of Apple
“Read this book to learn how to create a company as powerful as Apple.”

Frank D’Souza, CEO, Cognizant
“New globalized and virtualized business models, new social and mobile technologies, and a new generation of “born-digital” workers and consumers are reshaping industries. Geoffrey has been at the forefront of this thinking and, in Escape Velocity, provides a pragmatic framework for mature enterprises to think about these changes, escape the pull of their pasts and embrace the new future of work.”

Bob Paul, President, Compuware
“Geoffrey once again logically presents compelling business frameworks and brings them home with powerful case studies.”


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